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Bulgaria Farm Machinery Needs To Update Urgently




Newly elected chairman of Bulgaria farm machinery trader association Veselin Ganev said recently, Bulgaria domestic farm machinery condition is generally poor. He emphasized that the average age of the farm tractors and combine harvesters in use in the country has been up to 18-19 years.

Bulgaria farm machinery trader associaton staff said before, according to the rough statistics, about 80% of Bulgaria farm tractors and combine harvesters have reached the depreciation period, but are still in running. These old machine leakage grain rate is higher when harvest, waste food, and consume fuel, emission standard is backward, and will take up a lot of spare parts in maintenance. Therefore, Bulgaria agricultural mechanization level not only has big gap, compared with the European Union developed countries, but also in the bottom position compared with its neighbours.

Ganev said when was invited as guest of radio program, the information released by farm machinery trader association is correct basically, Bulgaria agriculture department really needs new batch of high efficient farm machinery. But how the agriculture department to make a decision, depends on more fully, more accurate statistics, Bulgaria farm machinery trader association would make positive efforts, to assist agriculture department to achieve the goal.


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