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UT1804 TractorUT250/254 Greenhouse Tractor

UT200/204 Tractor

Hydraulic output interface of UT200/204 tractor can make direct connection with the dump trailer.


UT200/204 Tractor

Model: UT200/204

Features of UT200/204 Tractor:

1. UT200/204 tractors are 20hp tractors, specially used in mountain areas and muddy roads.

2. It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, low tremble, high traction, high adaptability and easy start.  

3. Jaw type differential lock can improve the pass-ability.

4. Hydraulic output interface can make direct connection with the dump trailer.

5. This series tractor can have many different configurations according to customer’s demands: single stage clutch or two stage clutch, (3+1) ×2 six shifts or (4+1)×2 eight shifts where the creeping shift can be selected, fixed or adjusted tread, back catalogue “0” or “1” suspensions, mechanical steering or hydraulic steering and so on.

Engine of UT200/204 Tractor:

Model: WD295A

Rated power:14.72kw(20hp)/2300r/min

Type:  Vertical, 2-cylinder, Water Cooled and 4-stroke

Rated fuel consumption (g/Kw) ≤256.6

Drive System of UT200/204 Tractor:

Rated Rotational Speed: 0.30-29.65 km/h

Overall Parameters of UT200/204 Tractor:

Wheelbase: 1512 mm

Front/Rear Wheel Tread: 1200/1000 mm

Turning Radius: 3.25 m

Min. operating Weight: 1006 kg

Overall Dimensions of UT200/204 Tractor:

Overall Dimensions: 2710 ×1220×1340 mm

Min. ground Clearance: 266 mm


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