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The Essential Self-saving Skills Of Farm Tractor In Urgency




While driving the farm tractor, the most afraid of is trouble on the way, grasp the self-saving in urgency is one of the safe travel skills for the farm machinery drivers.

Tire blowout. If it is the rear tire blowout, the backward farm trailer will shake, the tractor driver should grasp the steering wheel firmly, make the tractor drive in straight. At that time, the most important is not to step the brake, should reduce speed to drive slowly and indirectly and repeatedly step on the brake pedal. If it is the front tire blowout, the tractor driver should grasp the steering wheel strongly and keep the tractor drive in straight, don’t let the tractor drive left and right partially, and slightly step on the brake pedal, avoid the tractor tire detach due to the front of the farm tractor bearing too much pressure, result in tractor damaged and men died traffic accident.

Disabled braking. First of all control the driving direction, reduce speed to drive slowly, quickly turn into low gear, make use of the tractor engine to reduce speed, if it’s invalid, the farm tractor may face the risk of collising or falling, also can use the road facility, such as the road bushes, mounds, haystacks, etc, also can help the farm tractor reduce speed until stop.

Farm tractor side slipping. If side slip the rainy day, should immediately stop the brake, reduce the throttle, and turn the steering wheel to the side slip, cannot be too hurried or continue too long to turn the steering wheel, otherwise the tractor side slip in the opposite direction. If it is caused by other reasons, and do not use the brake while side slipping, and keep the clutch in the engaged state.


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