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How To Distinguish Wheeled Tractor Fault From Steering Wheel’s Hand Feeling




When the wheeled tractor’s steering, braking, transmission system and suspension device work properly, the tractor driver feels very relaxed while hloding the steering wheel, sometimes can let go briefly, the tractor still can be driven in straight. If the above devices fail, the tractor driver will feel abnormal when manipulate the steering wheel.

1. Hand pins and needles while driving. When drive the wheel tractor at more than the medium speed, the chasis sounds periodically or the steering wheel vibrates strongly, which cause the tractor driver hand pins and needles. This is due to the direction transmission device balance destroy, transmission shaft and its splined sleeve’s excessive wear.

2. Steer heavily and difficultly. The reasons are:
(1)The rolling bearing and sliding bearing of the steering system parts cooperate too tight, and the bearing lubrication is poor;
(2)The steering linkage’s ball pin is adjusted too tight or lack of oil;
(3)Steering shaft and casing pipe bending leads to the block;
(4)The front wheels toe-in adjustment is incorrect;
(5)Front axle or the frame bends and deformates;
(6)Insufficient tire pressure, especially the front tire.

3. Steering wheel is hard to manipulate. While driving or braking, the farm tractor direction will automatically deviate to one side of the road, must hold the steering wheel forcely to ensure the straight driving. The reasons of the tractor deviation are:
(1)The front wheels’s specification or the air pressure is not the same;
(2)The front wheels’s caster angle or camber angle is not equal;
(3)The front wheels hub bearing clearance is not the same;
(4)Leaf springs on both sides of the arch or inconsistent stretch; The plate spring camber or spring is not the same;
(5)The left and right whelbase difference is too much;
(6)Wheel brake clearance is too small or brake drum is out of round, cause the brake on the side block, make the brake drag and delay;
(7)Tractor load is uneven.

4. Tractor direction wandering. When drive the wheel tractor to certain high speed, the reasons of steering wheel shake and shimmy are:
(1)Cushion tire or repair tire rims cause the front wheels assembly’s dynamic balance to be destroyed;
(2)Transmission shaft bearing assembly has loose parts;
(3)Transmission shaft assembly balance is damaged;
(4)Shock absorber fails, steel plate spring stiffness is not the same;
(5)Steering system parts wear and loosen;
(6)Front wheel alignment is incorrect.


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