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Six Security Points Of Wheeled Tractor In Spring Plowing Production Operation




Spring plowing production is about to begin, wheeled tractor is required to put on the spring plowing production, and to ensure the safe operation of wheeled tractor in spring plowing production, the farm machinery drivers should be familiar with the six security points:

1. Should do a comprehensive inspection before the wheeled tractor travel. Before operating in the filed, the farm machinery driver should carefully do a comprehensive inspection of the wheeled tractor and farm implements, put into the spring plowing production with good technical condition through maintenance and overhaul, to achieve high efficiency, good quality, low consumption and safe effects.

2. When the wheeled tractor moved to other fileds after finishing the operation, should slowly pass by with small throttle. In case of high ridge or wide and deep drains, should dig low and fill flat in advance, and pass by after security confirmation, to prevent damage from farm implements;

3. When turn in field operation, should drive slowly. When turn in the field, should not drive with accelerating speed and not turn sharply, should drive slowly, reducing fuel consumption;

4. When the wheeled tractor does the tillage operation in the field, should pay attention to safety. If adopt to tail-wheel pedal-assist steering, the steering angle should not be too large. to prevent injury from the collision of the farm machinery ’s hands and feet with rotary tiller’ coulter;

5. If the wheeled tractor is trapped, do not increase the throttle to step strongly. The farm machinery driver should dig up the muddy under the wheels with shovel, pave the straw pad, and then change the gear to drive;

6. Coulter shaft of the If the rotary tiller’s coulter shaft is wound with field debris, should pay attention to safety. The farm machinery driver should turn off the wheeled tractor timely, and then remove the debris with a special tool, in order to prevent from the occurrence of farm machinery accidents, safety production is everyone's responsibility.

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