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Seven Experiences Of Installing Small Tractor's Clutch




Currently the small four-wheel tractor and three-wheel transport truck mostly adopt to double dry friction clutch, the clutch is easy to disassemble, but difficult to install. The following will introduce several experiences of installing small tractor’s clutch.

(1) When install the driven friction plate assembly, should make the shorter end of two driven plate hubs be opposite. If wrongly make two hubs or one long hub be opposite with one long hub, will make the plate hang inside two driven plates, can not transmit torque, make the clutch slip.

(2) The inner and outer bearings of the cluth are single five-pointed star bearings with oil proof cover in one side. While installing, should make the side of two bearings with oil proof cover face to the inside of clutch, prevent the butter in the bearing from being thrown into the friction plate while working, causing the clutch slip.

(3) When there are no special tools, can compress 3 small springs into 20~22 mm, and tie with cotton thread in  symmetry, and then set the tied spring in three separate arm poles respectively; subduct the cotton thread after installing the clutch.

(4) When tighten the 6 nuts in the cover shell, should tighten several times according to the diagonal. After tightening, the end should not protrude the triangular grooved side, so as not to brush up against the belt.

(5) When install the release bearing, should make the side with thrust towards the release lever, or will increase the release lever wear.

(6) When install the clutch’s separate claw seat, should make the oil groove just in the below, to prevent the lubrication oil from throwing into the clutch shell, and cause the belt slip.

(7) After installing the clutch, push the clutch shell with hands along the axial, should not have obvious axle problem at that time, or will remove to check.

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