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How To Choose Second-hand Farm Tractor




When choose the second-hand farm tractor, should pay attention to the following several points:

1. Firstly, make clear the factory life of the second-hand farm tractor: in front of the engine and walking tractor, there is the factory label, and has the factory date on it. Then ask the owner the buy date, judging the farm tractor year length and the farm tractor aging degree.

2. Secondly, look at the engine horsepower decline situation: under the situation of non-pressurized, if turn the crankshaft difficultly, means the horsepower decline seriously. Turn the crankshaft under the situation of decompression, can hear the clear oil supply sound, means the horsepower decline little. After starting the tractor engine, if there is heavy knock on the rear, indicating the crankshaft or connecting rod attachment is too large.

3. Thirdly, look at the farm tractor and tractor tire aging degree: should look at the farm tractor aging degree before  buying second-hand farm tractor, if find the tractor tire tread is worn away, there is no use. At the same time, should pay attention to check whether there is cut mark on the tractor tire.

4. Fourthly, look at the farm tractor gearbox's technical condition: first look the tractor appearance whether crack or leak oil, then check whether the gear is accurate and smooth, and whether gear falling phenomenon, whether there is no noise in the gearbox, and whether the tractor chassis is deformated.


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