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The Faults And Exclusions Of Wheeled Tractor Valve Close Not Tightly




Main phenomenons are: wheeled tractor engine starts difficultly, power down, black smoke, and so on. When do not reduce pressure, turn the crankshaft with hand, can hear air leak sound, the possible reasons are:

1. There are carbon deposit, ablation, spots and even flake between the wheeled tractor valve and valve seat. Lightly can ream the valve seat, grind the valve, and then grind the both. Seriously need to replace the valve and valve seat.

2. Valve stem and valve guide pipe fit clearance is incorrect. The clearance is too large, will cause the seal not well when close; clearance too small, valve will be jammed in the guide pipe, will cause the valve close not tightly or can not close; if the clearance too large, should replace the valve guide pipe; clearance too small, can ream the guide pipe with tube reamer.

3. Valve spring inadequate or broken, make the wheel tractor valve close not tightly or can not close. Only can replace if failure happen.

4. Adjust if wheel tractor valve clearance is too small, after loosening the adjusting nut, tighten the adjustment screw and lock the nut.


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