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The Basic Components Of Tractor


The Basic Components Of Tractor

The tractor is a comparatively complicated machine, the type and size are also different, but they are composed of three parts: engine, chassis and electric equipment.
1. Engine
It is the tractor device to produce power, which plays the role to change the heat energy of fuel into mechanical energy output power. At present, agricultural tractor manufactured in China have adopted diesel engine.
2. Chassis
It is the tractor device to transfer power. Its role is to pass the engine power to the drive wheels and working device to drive tractor, and complete the mobile operation or fixation effect. It is realized by the combination and coordination of the transmission system, walking system, steering system, braking system and working device, and at the same time they constitute the skeleton and body of the tractor. Therefore, the above four systems and the device are known as chassis, that is to say, in the whole tractor, all systems and devices excepet engine and electric equipment are called tractor chassis.
3. Electric Equipment
It is the tractor device to ensure electricity, which plays the role to solve the lighting, security signal and engine start.


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